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Top Tips For Sugar Babies Who Are In College

College is hard enough for everyone without having to deal with stress from work and paying all your bills. Sugar babies who are trying to get through school know hard it can be. Not only do you have to manage your school work and research for projects but also be a happy and relaxed sugar babe when your Sugar daddy is around.

Here are some tips that will help sugar babes attending school make a difference in their lives for the better:

  • Know the difference between what you want and what you need. That iconic Chanel bag is definitely something you ‘want’ but you know it is not something you ‘need’. If you sugar daddy offers to buy you a gift for your birthday or ‘just because’ then be honest in telling him what you would prefer.
  • A laptop is essential for any college student, but you should understand that asking your sugar daddy to buy you a MacBook is not the way to go about it. Be open to the idea that there are many other laptop models available some of which can be easier to carry around and look good.
  • You could even use a tablet for your school-related work. Your sugar daddy is more likely to buy you a tablet since it’s a lot cheaper than a new laptop. Be sure you are grateful to him and express your gratitude so he knows how you feel.
  • Tuition is a tricky subject, making your sugar daddy pay for tuition may seem like a no brainer but ensure that he pays you rather than getting him to pay the school directly. If he is hesitant to do that you can suggest a cheque addressed to the school.
  • Gift cards to shops and online stores are a great way to buy essential items when you are broke. You can drop hints and let him know that buying it yourself means yourself means you get to choose the exact specs of the product so that both of you are not disappointed.
  • Asking for gift cards to food places and restaurants can be a good idea. Star bucks gifts cards can seem godsend on a day when you wake up late and sending him a picture of you with your pumpkin spice latte can make him happy too.
  • Remember that the more appreciative you are the more gifts you are likely to get. Spa packages, Netflix subscriptions, beauty box subscriptions etc are all great ways to get a long term use out of gifts.
  • Getting your sugar daddy to cover your phone bill can be a great thing since that would be a great way to save on expenses, don’t ask him outright but drop hints about how expensive phones and phone bills are. Who knows maybe you will get a new smartphone in the process.
  • Asking your sugar daddy to buy some comfortable lounge clothes, exercise wear and a gym membership is a great idea and something that most guys won’t turn down. If a visit to Victoria’s Secret store isn’t on the cards soon, get him to help you choose online instead.
  • While the Chanel bag you want maybe a super high-end thing to ask for, you could get your sugar daddy to buy you a comfortable and cute school bag.
  • Remember that everyone likes successful people if you are doing well in school make sure you let your “Daddy” know, keep him updated on your exams and projects and ask for incentives when you have done exceptionally well.
  • Enjoy your college life and remember to shower your sugar daddy with a lot of love and gratitude.

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