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Gift Cards and Other Cash Alternatives for Sugar Babies

While many sugar couples start off with cash allowances or pre-meeting, there are some downsides to using cash, but the good news is there are some good cash alternatives that provide similar anonymity, but also have the benefits of not being as easy to mislay as cash.

While the old “cash in the envelope” is a popular, relatively un-traceable way of providing an allowance, but cash does have a number of downsides:

  • Lots of people are a bit uncomfortable with handing over envelopes of cash – maybe it feels a bit too close to that other profession
  • It’s risky to carry a lot of cash or store it, and for sugar babies or pups, it’s easy to loose track of
  • It’s untraceable sure, but if you loose it or it’s stolen, it’s gone

While there are other alternatives  like a bank/Interac/Moneygram or other electronic transfers, these are easily traceable (even more so with more regulations designed to ferret out money-laundering and terror financing), and potentially leave a paper trail – not the thing you want if you’re trying to be discreet.

But There Are Some Cash Alternatives, That Are Less Traceable

Cash is kind of impersonal (and that’s why people like it), on the other hand some people don’t feel 100% comfortable giving or taking money from someone they’re in a relationship with. Of course there’s other ways to give a gift that’s a bit more personal, here’s some of our suggestions:

  • It’s kind of awkward. A lot of sugar babies – and sugar daddies – don’t like the handing-over-of-the-stuffed-envelope routine so much.
  • It’s risky. If you’re receiving a few thousand in cash every month, you might suffer mounting paranoia in direct correlation with the amount of cash you’re storing.
  • It’s untraceable. Sure, this is an advantage of cash as well but it’s also a huge disadvantage. If you lose it or it’s stolen – it’s gone for good.

Gift Cards as Cash Alternatives

Most larger retailers now offer these in-store, but you can also buy them online as either a card you can give her in person, or as a virtual card that usable online too. sells a huge selection of cards, most can be used online and they can be mailed (All plastic cards are shipped via USPS First Class mail) to your sugar baby if it’s a long-distance arrangement. If you plan to make gift card buying a regular thing, they also have a “G-Money” points plan that can save you money on future purchases.

The most versatile is the Visa Gift Card (MasterCard also available) that are pre-paid cards that can be used anywhere including online that you’d use a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Amazon – always a good choice, and they have Virtual gift cards that will let them shop for anything on Amazon. sells a bunch of cards for specific retailers – kind of a nice way of showing you know what stores she likes, or restaurants she likes to go to. Best thing, each time she uses it, she’ll remember who gave it to her.

Some of the retailers they have include:

Virtual Gift Cards

But Are Gift Cards Like a Amazon or Pre-Paid Visa Cards Traceable?

Short answer is yes, but it’s more effort than it’s worth. Unless the police (or maybe an overzealous divorce lawyer able to subpoena a retailer) become involved, it’s not an issue to really worry about. Basically if you buy a gift card online or in a store with a credit card, there is a record of the purchase. If your sugarbaby spends using a card you’ve given them, most stores require they to provide some identification, however they’re usually not that stringent, especially if they go to a busy location or somewhere out of town – the store wants your spending money, so unless the card has been flagged (in the case of gift cards purchased using stolen credit cards or the card is stolen), it’s not a big issue. Consider, if you’re buying a gift card for your sugar baby in a store, using cash if you want the piece of mind, but again it’s not likely someone is going to take the effort to track you down.

If interested, read more here.

How About Some Travel?

Another option is how about buying her a vacation. Sites like Expedia can save you money while rewarding her with a trip to see family, or take a trip together to somewhere fun together. Expedia has been around for nearly 20 years and has a good reputation. Obviously tickets for airlines and even hotels these days have identity requirments that some people might not be comfortable with, but if you are, then is a great way of making an allowance without cash.


USA Cheap airfare, hotels, car rentals, vacations and cruises at!

They also have a companion site, if you’re looking specifically for hotels at good prices.

A Way to Every Girls Heart? Concert Ticket  or NFL Football as Cash Alternatives

Sites like TicketCity sell tickets for events like Bruno Mars Tickets or Lady Gaga tours as well as they also sell tickets for most sporting events from NFL, NBA and NHL as well as college basketball and soccer, tennis and golf. Weather your both going to catch a Vancouver Canucks, Raptors or Blue Jays game, or even get a concert ticket for her and a friend (how did she score those tickets?) – tickets are a fun way to reward her and provide fun memories.

NFL Tickets

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