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Tips if You’re Scared To Meet a Sugar Daddy

It’s not uncommon for women to be nervous or even scared to meet a sugar daddy for the first time. It’s also not uncommon for a potential sugar daddy to also be a bit nervous.

While dating in the sugar world is much like any other date, unlike regular dating, a first meeting is like a combination of a first date and an interview. You want to find out if you’re comfortable around the person, hopefully, have some things in common, but you also want to decide what the arrangement should be if you decide to move forward.

Let’s look at ways to decide when it is right to meet up and how it can be done safely.

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Sugar Advice – What to Expect on Your First Date


Whether you are new in the sugar bowl or have been in the world of sugar for many years, a first date with a potential sugar partner can be exciting and unpredictable. Here are some things you should know before heading out for the first date.

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Make Conversation

During a first meet and greet or a first date it is important to make conversation and keep your potential sugar daddy interested in you. Research about topics you can talk to your potential daddy about, in case you are feeling nervous. Going through your potential sugar daddy’s profile before heading out on the date can also let you bring up topics he is interested in.

Get to know the person

Telling your potential daddy about yourself can be a great way for him to open up and talk about himself. Don’t go into a first date with feelings of apprehension and stress. Keep it simple and safe. Don’t bring personal or work details into conversation but tell him about your hobbies, interests and personality traits. Focus on staying safe during the date but give your potential sugar daddy some benefit of doubt.

Don’t expect gifts

Don’t go into a first date expecting cash or gifts. While it can happen with particularly generous sugar daddies it is not a norm. Be grateful for anything he does offer you and don’t act like an entitled person who does not value things and time.

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Is she the one?

You probably want to know whether she is the sugar date you have always wanted. Get to know her better by being open and friendly. Be honest and see if you truly enjoy spending time with her.

Be ready to talk cash

If you are happy with the way the date is progressing then talking about money can be a good way to let her know. Asking about her monetary expectations can be a way to know if she is ready for the arrangement. While fixing an allowance is not expected in the first date, your sugar baby will be reassured if you bring up the topic of money without waiting for her to bring it up first.

No sex on the first date

Just like in regular dating, in the sugar bowl too sex is usually off limits on the first date. If you get to know each other better and actually enjoy spending time together then physical intimacy will soon follow. Focus on getting to know your potential sugar baby better.