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sugarbaby interview

Canadian Students Turn to Sugar Baby Websites to Help Pay Bills, Tuition?

The world of ‘sugar’, which is how sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are referred to, is now flourishing more than ever. The number of students seeking out for an older sugar daddy on sugar baby websites to help pay their tuition and other bills is higher than it has been. If reports are to be believed then one in every 10 Canadian students are looking for sugar daddies. Read more

sugarbaby interview

Photo Tips for Sugar Babies

The first impression a sugar daddy gets from your profile will be the reason he messages you. To have a great experience in the sugar bowl, it is important to be unique and real. You should be seen as an exciting and interesting person who would be a great sugar baby rather than another online persona. Here are some photo tips to get started. To establish a connection with the person viewing your sugar baby profile, it is vital to have a great profile picture and a good username. Here are some profile tips to have a profile picture that will impress.

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sugarbaby interview

How to Find a Sugar Daddy

Having a sugar daddy can add a bit of spice to your life, not only will you have fun experiences, learn new things and travel to new places, you’ll do all this while earning some spending money. Once you have decided to seek out a sugar daddy and learn about the sugar lifestyle the next step is actually how to find a Sugar Daddy – and more importantly, a right sugar daddy. Being in a mutually beneficial relationship can sound easier than it is and like any relationship this too needs consistent work. Read more

Interview with a sugarbaby

Art of Negotiating: How to Get What You Want From Your Sugar Daddy

It can be difficult to ask your significant other for things or money in any relationship, being in a sugardaddy and sugarbaby relationship does not mean it’s easier. Just like regular couples sugar couples too need to deal with situations and negotiating issues in their relationship. While the common notion that sugar babies are pampered and get what they want, is true most of the time, it can be difficult for a sugar baby to ask for something especially if it is money or something of sentimental value. Here are some tips on how to ask a sugar daddy for things you want. Read more

sugarbaby interview

15 Things Every Sugar Baby Should Know

After entering the world of sugar, you would have realised that being a sugar baby is a lot of fun, more opportunities are coming your way than ever before, and you don’t have to get stressed out about money. The luxurious things you wanted are now accessible to you, and you even have some extra cash to save. The lure of a sugar life is immense; not only are you gaining monetarily, but you are learning something new every day. Whether your sugar daddy is like a mentor to you, teaching you new things or even if he isn’t, just spending time with a more experienced person can teach you many new things. Not to forget the experiences you will have meeting new people, each of whom will have a different personality and character. Read more