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15 Things Every Sugar Baby Should Know

After entering the world of sugar you would have realised that being a sugar baby is a lot of fun, there are more opportunities coming your way than ever before and you don’t have to get stressed out about money either. The luxurious things you wanted are now accessible to you and you even have some extra cash to save. The lure of a sugar life is immense, not only are you gaining monetarily but you are learning something new every day. Whether your sugar daddy is like a mentor to you, teaching you new things or even if he isn’t, just spending time with a more experienced person can teach you many new things. Not to forget the experiences you will have meeting new people each of whom will have a different personality and character.

Being a sugar baby can take you to places you have never gone before and give you experiences you could have probably not had before you decided to become a sugar baby. Best of all, it can introduce you to many wonderful people, each of whom is sure to have something to teach you, if you are willing to soak it all up, open your mind and listen. Along the way you are sure to meet some misfits, some wierdos and some who are just not right for you. Learning to choose wisely and interact well is also something you will learn in your journey. Today we have for you, fifteen things that we think every sugar baby must know. All of this advice has been given by experts, i.e. sugar babies who have had these experiences.

It is possible to be a “feminist” and still be a sugar baby?

In some media, the lifestyle of a sugar baby is often portrayed as anti-feminist, even misogynist. But it reality it doesn’t have to be. If a sugar baby is in control of the choices in her life, being in a sugar relationship can let you be just as feminist as you usually are. Being upfront about your needs and expectations is only going to help you out here.

Make up is important

We started off by talking about feminism and are now saying make up is important. Isn’t that contradictory? Not really.

Grooming and presenting a positive image of yourself is very important and make up can be a tool to help you along. You should understand that you are a very beautiful person, without any makeup too. Makeup can help further your appearance and bring you more confidence.

But too much make up is a no-no

Learning to do a quick everyday look and a few special occasion looks are important. Stay away from caking up your face with make up since it makes you look like you are high maintenance. Opt for a makeup look that highlights your best features and makes you look pretty, but still natural. YouTube is the best place to learn about new makeup products and looks before you invest in expensive cosmetics.

Cleanliness is godliness

Even a messy person doesn’t like another’s messy room. Keep your surroundings and yourself clean. While some sugar daddy may be neat freaks others may be messy but you should strive to always be the clean one.

Know exactly what you are going to do with the money

Managing your finances is very important. It is very easy to get carried away once you enter a lifestyle higher than yours. Knowing where to draw the line between spending and overspending is very important. Having savings is a good way to keep track of your progress.

Learn how to deal with possessive daddies

Some sugar daddies can become possessive over time, learning how to deal with them is very important. You could strike a deal with him for a better allowance in exchange for not seeing others or not meet him anymore if he won’t agree. Equally important is not becoming possessive of your sugar daddies, they have every right to see other sugar babies if you are seeing other daddies.

Bring up financials before meeting up

It is a good idea to sort out financial expectations before you meet him. On a date you can subtly bring up the subject if you don’t feel comfortable asking for money outright.

Finding a sugar daddy offline

Thanks to the websites, finding a sugar daddy online is no longer a big task. But what about finding one offline, experts say there are just as many chances in the offline world too. Look for expensive watches, cars and shoes to know if the person is sugar material, asking about their travelling experiences is also a way to gauge their potential.

How to start an offline sugar relationship

After you spot a potential sugar daddy, have you wondered how to approach them about the topic of sugar dating? You could start off by asking what they think about mutually beneficial relationships. Their answer can guide you in the right direction.

Travel safely

Being a sugar baby you may find yourself travelling to new places and sometimes other countries. Always ask for a round trip ticket so you know you will not stranded there if something goes wrong. It is also important to inform your friends or family about the trip and send a GPS pin drop once you reach the location. Keep your GPS on throughout the trip even if it does drain out the battery of your phone faster.

A married sugar daddy is actually a big bonus

Some of you may have been a big apprehensive about a married sugar daddy, others may have not. But know one thing; they are usually more generous and also less likely to be possessive and controlling. Married sugar daddies are usually less demanding and will be more grateful.

Be careful contacting married sugar daddies

If your sugar daddy is married, be careful about calling him on his phone. Emails are usually the safest. Request him to install snap chat if he hasn’t already.

Know exactly what you want from a relationship

Knowing what you want from a sugar relationship is the best way to keep things uncomplicated. Be open and clear, don’t say anything that you don’t mean so it won’t come back to hurt you later. Remember that sugar relationships are not just about physical relationships.

Find some sugar baby friends

They don’t have to live near you, there are many sugar baby communities online where you can find your friends and share with them your secrets while learning theirs. You can learn a lot of new things and teach them a few too. One important thing to remember is to never be jealous of another sugar sister, their journey and destination is different from yours.

Should I tell my sugar daddy about my kids?

If you have kids, don’t ever introduce them to your sugar daddy. Many sugar babies are confused about whether they should tell their daddy about their child. While the ultimate choice is yours, we think you shouldn’t bring it up until the fifth date.

Sugar relationships can make it difficult for you to have other relationships

If you have a boyfriend, the double sugar life could catch up with you. You should either come clean about your sugar lifestyle or be prepared for your relationship to end. Once you are in the world of sugar, it can be difficult for a normal guy to satisfy you.

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