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Sugar Daddy Apps For Dating Discretion

The sugar bowl is a place where trust is sacrosanct. While the level of discretion a sugar daddy and baby require varies; there is always a minimum level of discretion required. Here are some Sugar Daddy applications that will help you with the sugar daddy discretion you want and also help you in keeping your communication with your sugar baby just between the two of you.


The term “burner” or “burn phone” is slang for separate phone usually used by people who don’t want their calls tracked back to them – think drug dealers, cheating spouses, etc. Typically this is done by purchasing phones and minutes by cash (since credit or bank cards leave a paper trail).

Despite the name, Burner isn’t really that, instead it’s an app that lets you buy one or more temporary phone numbers that you can use to make calls and texts from your phone without reveling your real number. Calls to that number will come back though the app and it includes voice mail. One thing to keep in mind, because it’s over internet, sometimes during a call the voice quality will drop, potentially alerting the caller that you’re on a voice app and not a regular cellular network.


You can send messages, pictures and videos on Snapchat. If you don’t have the app already, go ahead and download it now as your sugar baby probably already has it installed on her phone. This app helps in making sure no one else sees the messages you send her since they only last for a time limit that you determine. They can last for anywhere from 1 second to 10 seconds before the messages disappear forever.


If you don’t want to miss your sugar baby’s messages while at home or at work but would prefer if your phone dint ring, then Slydial is the app you should download. This is especially useful to avoid awkward conversations and prevent making weird excuses since it can work both ways and you can leave messages on her phone too.


If you aren’t comfortable with giving out your real phone number before you meet her in person or want to wait till you are sure you trust her then Sideline is the best option for you. This app gives you an extra number that you can give others to reach you at. You can text and make calls from the app. The number can be changed at will and once you are ready to move on you can just get another one.


Direct bank transfers are not something you want to be doing when you barely know a person. PayPal is a great way to transfer funds to your sugar baby, however, remember that it will appear on your statement so make sure you cancel your monthly printed statements and only have online statements which your wife can’t snoop upon.


The sugar bowl is not usually an unsafe place, but it is always better to prepared for an emergency than not. The Guardly app is a great way to know you are prepared. The app is useful to quickly inform the authorities or someone else you prefer about your whereabouts just incase you feel something is not going right and you aren’t feeling physically safe.


Wickr is similar to snapchat and is a private secure messenger. On it you can send messages that self destruct after the time you want it to, meaning no messages last more than 10 seconds after a person has read them. This app has gained popularity recently and even politicians have admitted to using the encrypted messages to discuss secret issues. In 2017 they released their source code so that security researchers could examine it.

Other Sugar Daddy Apps

Beyond these, apps like Burner (slang for “a throwaway mobile phone”) is another popular app – it allows you to create a phone number for virtually any area-code in the world, making it useful if you travel frequently. It allows making calls, receiving calls (to that number), and texting.