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SeekingArrangement Reviewed

If you are in search of a sugar daddy or baby relationship, then you must already know about the various websites where you can search for sugar fun. These websites are an easy and quick way to contact sugar babies. Visiting these websites will bring you to a different sphere and you will understand that it is sometimes possible to have your cake and eat it too; well you can even enjoy it with sugar on the top. Today we bring to you a review of SeekingArrangement which is one of the most popular sugar dating sites online. 

SeekingArrangement Reviewed

SeekingArrangement was the pioneer in the sugar dating world. ‘Sugaring’ which was only done offline or by relying on chance, luck or word of mouth became an organized and easy to access world. The site is definitely in the top 3 sugar baby dating websites even after many other similar sites (including SugardaddyForMe, What’s Your Price, and others) mushroomed in the late 2000s.

Playboy magazine voted SeekingArrangement as the number one sugar baby dating website, which definitely adds to its popularity and makes it the preference for all sugar babies looking out for new adventures. As I found then writing this SeekingArrangement review, the site has improved it’s usability and features from its early days, and its popularity has meant that the number of members have risen drastically over time.

Every Arrangement Is Unique

With its huge numbers also comes great variety which makes it easier to have access to specific types of people in case of personal preferences. With this type of variety in choice, there is going to someone for everyone. There are entrepreneurs, doctors, bankers, people from the tech industry, and men from just about every industry. Each person’s expectations are different too, while some seek longer term committed relationships, other prefer casual flings.

SeekingArrangement review: a sugar baby profile
Example of a SeekingArrangement profile showing some information about them, their interests and expectations, one public photo and some private photos that can be requested from the member.

Gay or Straight, SeekingArrangment Is Open for You

The site caters to not just sugar daddies and babies but also couples who are looking for sugar babies wither female or male. Gay sugar daddy-baby relationships are also part of the site. The best part of SeekingArrangement according to users is the sheer amount of opportunities and the biggest range of sugar daddies. As should be clear from this SeekingArrangement review, being proactive on the site is important and the best relationships come to those who are active on their profiles and spend time getting to know the other person, most successful users said.

Sugardaddies and sugarbabies can use the site to know more about the other person before entering into mutually beneficial relationships. Since a quick glance at a profile will provide an overview and keep your expectations real, chances of being duped are low. However, it is still recommended that good communication is done before things progress to the next level. Just like the real world there may some fakes out in the sugar world too, and it is important to learn how to identify them before taking your relationship forward. Even discussing allowance and payment is made easier since the profile itself features expectations of both sugar babies and the sugar-daddies such as size of your budget (lifestyle expectations), public (and optionally) private photos. As well as blocking and reporting features to screen-out undesirable members.

In conclusion to this SeekingArrangement review, I feel SeekingArrangement is the place to go to if you are a beginner in the world of sugar because of: the size of it’s membership, dispute resolution and safety features for members, as well as a professional layout.

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