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Photo Tips for Sugar Daddies

Your potential sugar baby is going to want to know a little bit about you before they meet you. Having a good profile picture can be an icebreaker and can be a great topic for a potential sugar baby to message you about. Here are some photo tips on choosing a perfect picture to find the perfect sugar baby.

Photo Tips to Success: Choose a clear and high quality photo

Having a high quality profile photo sends out a clear message to your message to your sugar baby that you are the real deal. A sugar daddy who can’t afford a quality camera for his photo is not going to be someone that will interest a sugar baby. Whether the photo is taken on your phone or camera, it is essential that the picture should not be blurry and look classy.

Location of Your Picture

A good photo tip is to try to shoot your photo at a place you like to frequent, or at least a place you’d like to. You can either have an outdoor picture or an indoor one, but ensure the location is obvious – nobody wants to see 3 shots of some bathroom or you in a cubical farm. Whether you prefer to select a candid shot taken at the golf course or a picture with your car, the location and other elements in your photo can play a vital role in having sugar babies line up your message inbox. But another photo tips too is to keep the mystery though – if you’re showing your car, make sure the licence plate isn’t visible (think identity theft to start); in a smaller city? don’t make it easy to guess the exactly where the picture was taken. Also, Seeking Arrangement  (as do most other dating sites), has rules against kids or random people in photos.

Add a photo to profile on
Adding a photo to your profile. Note there are public and private photos available.

Face vs No Face

If you don’t want to post a picture with your face in it, you could either consider a photo where your back is turned or a picture with a blurred out face, Seeking Arrangement is fine with blurred or cropped images, but they frown on using stock photos or celebrities.  Another photo tip is wearing sunglasses and a hat is also a great way to hide your identity if it is a long-shot picture. If you are not putting up any profile photo at all, you should consider including a few private photos that you can send the sugar baby before meeting up so she knows you aren’t a fake.

Another easy profile photo tip is to take a selfie with you phone’s flash on and held close to your face. The flash will obscure you face but, with practice, will give visitors an idea what you look like – and it’s within Seeking Arrangement’s rules for profile photos, looks natural, and plus you don’t need to use photo editing software or take pictures from odd angles.

Keep It Classy

Experts feel that men’s photos are more effective online when they look away from the camera and are not smiling. That said; feel free to post some smiling and happy pictures too. Another thing to keep in mind is “plausible deniability,” meaning if, for some reason your photos become public. After all no-body wants their re-enactment of “Sting’s crotch piece from Dune” (Google that if you dare) getting out; a simple picture of you out at a golf game or hiking, is much easier to explain away if needed.

Show Off Your Strengths

You know better than anyone else what your real strengths are and you shouldn’t hesitate to show them off in your photos. Some more good photo tips are to include one with your pet or a picture in your pool could also be a great way for sugar babies to open up conversations with you. If you feel you have a great body, a shirtless picture could make a sugar baby feel a lot more comfortable opening up to you; but too that last point, please avoid the bathroom-mirror selfies. Also, as a general rule, wearing a high quality outfit will make you look a lot more desirable in the eyes of sugar babies.

Photo Tip: They should help start conversations

When you choose a picture remember that it should help a sugar baby start a conversation with you and a picture of you doing an interesting activity or task is more likely to do that than a plain picture of you looking at a camera. Profile, including photos can take up to 24 hours to be approved, so take to time to fill-out the rest of your profile too, not just your photos, as this is also needed to get approved too.

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