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Tips For Finding Lasting And Meaningful Relationships With Sugar Daddies Online

So you have met an older man on a sugar daddy app and want to take the relationship to the next level. Be warned that if you do not play your best game, the liaison will not last long as sugar daddy dating is a different ball game altogether. 

So here are a few tips for finding lasting and meaningful relationships with sugar daddies on sugar daddy sites.

  • Do your research: After you have created accounts on the best sugar daddy apps and there is interest shown by an older man in you, you need to recognize the fact that he and you come from different generations. So you are advised to red up all you can about the era that your sugar daddy grew up in. Google is a great source, and you could also dig into the music and TV shows of yesteryear to get a feel of his times.
  • Know yourself: One of the reasons that you are going for a sugar daddy is that you need financial help from him to further your ambitions. A sugar daddy will be well aware of this. You need to show restraint and composure when you chat with him on sugar daddy apps, do not be seen as desperate. You need to appear appealing and attractive before him without trying too hard. Again, do not play hard to get as this will put him off.
  • Be clear of your expectations: When your relationship has passed the initial stages, you should let your sugar daddy know what you expect from the relationship. A lot of sugar daddies will want exclusivity while others might want a casual fling. This may or may not suit you and you should let your sugar daddy know it.
  • Be assertive: Your sugar daddy will love it when you are assertive and do not hide anything from him. In the initial stages of an online relationship, you will be on an even keel and should use the advantages of online dating to let him know what you want from him in exchange for your love and time. Know that a sugar daddy is rarely in the mood to play games and will appreciate it if you assert yourself early on in the relationship. But remember that there is a difference between being honest and being desperate and you will require a good deal of finesse to pull this off. Being confident and calm will pay off for you in the long run when the two of you take the relationship offline and get physical.
  • Act the part: While you had he both know that you are looking for money, your sugar daddy will not grudge you that because he has a lot to spare and provided you give him the love and companionship he desires, money should not be a problem. The disadvantage of being assertive is that you might sound abrasive too. Try to act that you are more interested in him rather than his money and he will feel really attracted to you.

Use these tips when you meet your sugar daddy online and you can be assured of success in the long run as you develop a lasting and memorable relationship with an older man.

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Sugar Advice – What to Expect on Your First Date


Whether you are new in the sugar bowl or have been in the world of sugar for many years, a first date with a potential sugar partner can be exciting and unpredictable. Here are some things you should know before heading out for the first date.

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Make Conversation

During a first meet and greet or a first date it is important to make conversation and keep your potential sugar daddy interested in you. Research about topics you can talk to your potential daddy about, in case you are feeling nervous. Going through your potential sugar daddy’s profile before heading out on the date can also let you bring up topics he is interested in.

Get to know the person

Telling your potential daddy about yourself can be a great way for him to open up and talk about himself. Don’t go into a first date with feelings of apprehension and stress. Keep it simple and safe. Don’t bring personal or work details into conversation but tell him about your hobbies, interests and personality traits. Focus on staying safe during the date but give your potential sugar daddy some benefit of doubt.

Don’t expect gifts

Don’t go into a first date expecting cash or gifts. While it can happen with particularly generous sugar daddies it is not a norm. Be grateful for anything he does offer you and don’t act like an entitled person who does not value things and time.

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Is she the one?

You probably want to know whether she is the sugar date you have always wanted. Get to know her better by being open and friendly. Be honest and see if you truly enjoy spending time with her.

Be ready to talk cash

If you are happy with the way the date is progressing then talking about money can be a good way to let her know. Asking about her monetary expectations can be a way to know if she is ready for the arrangement. While fixing an allowance is not expected in the first date, your sugar baby will be reassured if you bring up the topic of money without waiting for her to bring it up first.

No sex on the first date

Just like in regular dating, in the sugar bowl too sex is usually off limits on the first date. If you get to know each other better and actually enjoy spending time together then physical intimacy will soon follow. Focus on getting to know your potential sugar baby better.